“Prosperity always lives in many open-handed souls” is my go-to maxim these days.1

If you’re reading this, thank you for considering to support what I do online.

I’m always polishing my projects listed in this site, so that they’re updated, and more importantly, as accessible to as many as possible.

I have also put up a list of interesting project ideas that, depending on circumstances, I may or may not pursue.

Brain Support

See any mistakes that I made? Perhaps you’d like to point out some factual deficiency in my reporting? Or typo error? I accept constructive criticisms, because I believe they help me grow and learn.

If you just want to share ideas, my inbox welcomes those as well.

Feel free to message me!

Financial support

I don’t like cryptocurrencies for various reasons, so I don’t have wallets for those.

If you prefer other means of supporting me (e.g. bank transfer, GCash, etc.), please email me.

Hardware support

I’m getting in the habit of fixing, making, and repairing stuff. This wishlist constantly changes. Please email me first if you plan to give me any of these.

  1. Limós is the root of this Tagalog word, meaning “alms”. From Tagalog Lang: In the Philippines, it is common for street children to approach strangers and say, “Palimos po.” ↩︎

  2. I prefer pre-loved, secondhand, or used stuff, because I want to extend their life span. Not that I expect nor encourage people to give me newly bought hardware. ↩︎

  3. Against random stabbing ↩︎

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