Daily Photos - Feb 2022

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Status: DONE

For the whole month of February 2022, I have tried taking one photo a day, process it however I like—likely through dithering and/or compression—and share it here.


Hardware: Canon Powershot G1X1

Software: imgp, ImageMagick, dither it

Day 1

dog looking down from top of staircase

Taking your human time, human?

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Day 2

room with various items like two yoga mats, a standing fan, a few books, a guitar in a case in the corner, an air conditioning unit

Before or After Yoga

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Day 3

grey cat

Edgy Boy

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Day 4

woman walking away with her back on the camera

Another errand day outdoors

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Day 5

waiting shed made of steel poles

You can’t sit for long on this non-ergonomic, hostile architecture!

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Day 6

Buko Pie

Buko Pie of the Week

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Day 7

Coconut juice in a glass pitcher

Buko Juice

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Day 8

Self-portrait of author through a mirror


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Day 9

black cat lounging on the ground

Who’s this cat? Whose cat is this?

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Day 10

Trees covering a cityscape behind


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Day 11

View of Highway from a Mall's curbside

Nighttime in Masinag

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Day 12

two trees and a banana sprout

Something there that wasn’t there before

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Day 13

alley to street with two exit signs

No Exit

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Day 14

Brown dog sniffing the ground

Always happy to see Benjules during our walk

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Day 15

pots and pans hanging

Pots and Pans

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Day 16

abandoned gasoline station with trees around it cut

Do not enter; Bleak spot

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Day 17

side view of a dog


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Day 18

freshly baked chocolate crinkles in the oven

Freshly Baked

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Day 19

front yard with foliage

Back to the Old House

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Day 20

bed enclosed in mosquito net


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Day 21

concrete structure of rail transit system

Industrial Underbelly

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Day 22



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Day 23


What kind of fern is this?

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Day 24

cityscape from afar

City Beyond the Bay

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Day 25


Pililla Windmills

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Day 26

Foliage by the hills

More greeneries

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Day 27

Plants in the garden

Not out Garden definitely

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Day 28

Overhead shot of lense cover on wooden table

Last photo

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Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to decide one day that you’re taking up photography as a hobby just because, especially when you’re not well-to-do, like me, to start off. Decent cameras, even secondhand ones, do not come cheap.

With today’s technology, though, it’s not far-fetched to get into wanting to take pictures with a bit of style, now that we have cameras in smartphones, which are as accessible as ever. This is more evident in social media platforms dedicated to sharing photos with other people.

What I did, however, was to borrow, if only for a month, somebody’s rarely used digicam, and tried photography.

I took no formal classes teaching me how to properly do it. Maybe one or two YouTube videos on the basics; maybe another one or two articles about it. Perhaps, you can see the result of this going by gut feel alone in all of the photos here.

Objectively, I think the end results are a bit bland—but I’m happy to hear your thoughts! On the other hand, by foregoing the technicalities at this early stage, I have allowed myself to be in the moment, not sweating the small things about taking the perfect shot.

Hence, the products, while not pro, serve as a good reminder of what happened in that moment. This way, photography, in my opinion, has served its purpose: to capture a feeling in a visual medium to be our anchor to the past.

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  1. Not even mine. Daghang salamat, ‘Nay Merci! ↩︎

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