Ohio Quilbio Olarte

Email: ohio@araw.xyz
Website: ohio.araw.xyz


Aspiring to forward more sustainable solutions and technologies for a more inclusive future. Detail-oriented and highly motivated Electrical Engineer with a track record of completing construction-related projects. Reputation for collaborating effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and levels. Demonstrated strengths include:


Jones Lang LaSalle (Philippines), Inc. — Assistant Project Manager
December 2017 – February 2021

Archen Technologies, Inc. — Project Engineer
June 2015 – Novemeber 2017


Python 3+ — Automate the Boring Stuff — Jun 2020
Project Management — JLL MyDevelopment — Jan 2020
People Management — JLL MyDevelopment — Mar 2020
Construction Safety and Health Course — JLL MyDevelopment — Sep 2019
Registered Electrical Engineer — Philippine Regulatory Commission — Sep 2014
BSc. Electrical Eng’g — Technological University of the Philippines — Mar 2014
Academic Scholar — Department of Science and Technology SEI — AY 2009-2014


Human: Filipino (native), English (fluent in speaking and writing)
Computer: Unix Shell Scripting (basic), C (basic), Python 3+ (basic)


Reading, Creative Endeavors, Computer Programming, Cycling, Repair, Watching Films, Web Development

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