Got new-old bike from a Japan surplus1!

It’s FOLK by Aresbikes.

black bike facing the drivetrain side

Photo from the online shop; pedals are installed when I got it

For posterity, here are the specs:

It’s rusty on some joints, and it may need some minor adjustments, but I like it! As long as it can transport me between two or more points, I’m good.

Some weeknotes

Why not share some of the thoughts I’ve had during the Old Computer Challenge?

This is Day 8, last day of the Old Computer Challenge.

  1. Many things, bikes included, that the Japanese people don’t want anymore, some Filipino merchants buy in bulk and resell here. In theory, one gets a good product—because it’s “Made in Japan”—for a reasonably affordable price. ↩︎

  2. Chromoly steel is a type of low alloy steel (chromium + molybdenum) that’s used when strength is required. Also used in high pressure and temperature, commonly found in oil & gas, energy, construction, and automotive industries. ↩︎

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