The Age of Quick Clicks and Wits

In the age of perma-online presence, it’s worth considering to think before you click. With attention being one of the main currencies of capital-I Internet, whoever has the quickest wit and/or the snarkiest comeback that elicits something—any strong emotion really—reaches the top. Whatever that top is, I don’t want to know.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to perform for an audience every now and then. The Internet, however, is a platform where it gets real sticky real quick. Before expressing any unfiltered thoughts, one has to pay attention to what one would dump to the virtual permanence of the Internet.

Now, some part of me has always been curious about Comedy as the combination of:

To be funny is tricky; to keep it fun and engaging, even more so, because it’s not without consequences, of course.

To mitigate the effects of the growing list of future regrets, I do two things before saying something (what I think is) clever in online spaces:

  1. I type it out. For me, this conversion of thoughts from analog to digital via mechanical motions allows me to add buffer to the excitement. Doing so addresses the question, “Is it worth typing it out?”
  2. I read it out loud, if/when I can. How does it sound? I imagine saying it in person with the intended recipients just within arms reach. How do I think would they react when they hear it?

As with all things in life, it remains a field of compromises. Lately, though, I’ve been meaning to temper my tendencies to blurt out edgy things, even around people who already know my kind of humor. I write it here so I can keep myself accountable.

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