Week 28 of 2022

Tinkering with life—and sometimes, interesting things happen around me. Which breed interesting musings.

Card games

Last few days had me wanting to play Donsol, a dungeon-crawler card game designed by John Eternal. The game utilizes the standard 54 cards, including jokers. Lacking the physical deck, though, I played it online. I think there’s a downloadable version for smartphones, but I suspect it’s paid?

Anyway, this game inspred me to try and design a game using this standard deck. Currently, I’m considering Apocalypse as the main theme of this would-be game.


In dawns where faint light outside creeps in to activate my body, the distant squeaks of vermins from the night before morph into tweets of local aviary in the morning. This transition is seamless, and every time, my sleepy self can’t tell when the change of guards happened.

These mice, rats—their presence is a symptom of something larger than us. We’ve only begun addressing this issue very recently, and I must tell, feelings have been overwhelming, to say the least!

Convenience vs Resilience

We all try to go through life teetering between these two. In my opinion, though, we need to normalize living simply—meaning, learning how to give up some convenience (if not most of it!) so that others may simply live.

This process, when done right, would also make us resilent. Not to romanticize resilience, but isn’t that something worth striving for?

Monster Quiz

According to https://chigby.org/quiz/: I’m an Ouroboros quiz… of neither beginning nor end, that eats its own tail, the one with no results… Repetition turns to habit turns to necessity. Questions become scales and eyes teeth forever gnawing in autocannibalism.

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