Slow Month

In this part 2 of me subtly complaining about how unbelievable it is we’re already halfway through the year 2022… (Read Part 1)

June 2022 is one of those slow months, I think. It could be because no one dares to believe that we’re already six months in. The harder and longer one thinks about it, the more distorted one’s perception of current time becomes.

The ruckus of the recent national elections has legally placed another Marcos in the highest seat in the Philippine state. In the next few days, he will be officially our new president for the next six years. I can’t imagine those next six years would be any better than the last six. Let’s not even pretend that we still have a chance of a better future.

I have never been a betting man. That’s why I won’t gamble my hopes on this fantasy of mine:

Everyone now pays attention. To June, to the so-called Gemini season, and to the months that come after. People are more thoughtful of their actions. And this collective mindfulness somehow affected the rate at which time passes. We now observe Life, live in it, here and now…

I wish!

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