Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

As cringey as it sounds, never think blogging as complete without a blogger’s review of an out-of-town destination.

In this post, I’m going to give my thoughts on Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. All expenses paid by my employer in the guise of company outing.

First Impressions

For a tourist destination with a hefty price, it’s not looking good. Literally.

The unpaved road leading to the compound lends for a bumpy ride. It isn’t too farfetched to think that this becomes worse with puddles if/when it’s raining. Definitely not for most people. Maybe this, too, is intended as part of the 19th century feel of Old Manila?

Check-in is meh. Many of the reviews in the internet seem to think it’s bad, though. Maybe we’re just lucky that day, or maybe I had already lowered my expectations at that point.


When we reach our rooms, we’re promised to have our own toiletries, pairs of slippers, and at least one bottle of water per person.

When we got in, we discovered there were no towels, no slippers, and no bottles of water. We had to call the reception for towels and water multiple times. If love motels can provide it by default—as per my friends *wink*—then why can’t this pricey resort?

The split-type aircon unit leaked, creating an unpleasant puddle. Supposedly there’s a water heater, but all we got was cold shower. There’s an electric kettle, but I’m sure they don’t expect us to use that as our water heater, right? Right?

All roads are made of cobblestone. Depending on one’s preference, it may or may not be okay to walk on.

Some modes of getting around include:

To my knowledge, only the tram is free of charge.

There’s a mythical bike rental shop, but I never got around to locating it, nor would I have had the energy to cycle around knowing roads' unevenness.

A small green vintage bike hanging on a wall

All I got is a picture of this


Buffet food, not good. Most were bland: pieces of meat with uneventful releases of unsavory liquid when bitten. Some I did like, but overall, I’ve had better meals from a local carinderia near our home.

It’s like seasoning was never part of the menu. Only the speculative feeling of taste that the diner had to imagine, just so they could finish the food, and honor the lives that were sacrificed to feed them.


The sea did look inviting, in spite of the grey sand one has to cross first before reaching the saltwater. This one definitely felt better than the shores of Calatagan—smooth sand sans jagged stones.

Naturally, we played [with] the waves, even dared chasing them. The waves were game. It was only when the sun was setting when the waves were getting larger and increasingly frequent—as if to push us back to the shore.


There’s a pool area, which I don’t recommend, simply because the beach must be the obvious choice of body of water for one to swim in.

They offered a walking tour where the guide would invite the guests to go inside at least three of the old houses, which I had no interest in participating, because they timed it during the hottest part of the day.


Only go there if someone whose net worth is at least five times as much as yours sponsors your trip. Don’t spend your own hard-earned money to spend even a day there. There are better places to be in!

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