'It's already half of the year!'

Most days I get out of work tired and/or drained (what’s the difference again?), leaving little energy for things I want to do, like maybe updating this corner.

My supposed project of the month for May has been pushed back indefinitely until I bounce back from my (metaphorical) vegetative state.

And now—it’s already… June?

So, let’s talk a bit about work.

80% RTO

Since I’ve been employed last Aug 2021, I mostly work from home. That changed on the 3rd week of May 2022, when we had to report to office for 4 days a week for two weeks. This is because some important person from abroad would visit our office to conduct trainings and workshops.

Let’s just say most of my team mates, myself included, are not fond of going back to office. And that’s all I’m going to say about it lest my employer—bless them please—do something about their employee ranting vaguely on the internet.

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