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Shitposting and nightblogging are terms whose meaning I first found in Tumblr. Specifically in this post. In summary: Nightblogging is Surrealism1; Shitposting is Dada2.

For years, I did shitpost, because at the time it made sense. Not making sense made sense, I mean, in the current crises that we’re in.

For years, I also nightblogged, sharing pseudo-intellectual musings to strangers of similar wavelength.

In fact, I’ll do both here in this post:

A void is a must try at all cost.
It’s odd that I like some skin more so than others.

The title of this post is inspired by a browser extension for Tumblr from wayback when. Power users would have Missing e, because Tumblr had—and, I think, still has—been making poor UI/UX design choices. Missing e put back the features that the @staff removed, and/or placed something that would drastically improve the blogging experience.

For years, I had been on that site, more than any other social networking platforms. I didn’t like the shortness and urgency of Twitter, although people leveraged the 140-char limit at the time to produce witty and digestible sound bites. Nor did I like Facebook, for the sole reason that people there know me. I couldn’t have them not care about my shitposts and nightblogs.

I saw the balance I needed in Tumblr.

Anyway, below are “reblogs” from a few Tumblr users. Which one is a shitpost? Which one is a nightblog? Can either be both? Or is each neither?

From vernon:

The Filipino word papak is very specific, ano? I don’t know if other languages also have a term for eating without rice. The Japanese has the synecdoche 御飯 (gohan) while Korean and Bahasa have 밥 (bap) and nasi respectively, but how do we say we eat a meal without the essential component of it that makes it a meal in our cultures? The invite-question 밥 먹었 니? (have you eaten?) may mean different if we take out the 밥 component, implying either a snacktime or that, perhaps, they are what we would say, pumapapak. “A meal is not a meal without rice” is something a person from Maritime Southeast Asia would say. What will you goreng if there’s no nasi in nasi goreng? Maybe mie? But is mie goreng a meal meal? Put in a cup of rice. Indonesians and Filipinos would gladly eat carbs with carbs.


From jncos:

Three men met upon the luncheon table and discussed what they were going to eat for their meal.

The youth said “I will use some money to order an avocado using an app on my phone, for although it is pricey I find this to be both efficient and delicious."

The scientist said “I will order some Soylent using my cryptocurrency, for although this is even more pricey and disgusting from both a taste and conceptual standpoint I believe you will find this to be even more efficient that ordering an avocado.

The master clapped his hands and recited: “My jaws are now open/ my gullet is red. From the wise mother owl/ I shall always stay fed.” and opened his mouth towards the sky. The others beheld this and understood the true way.

  1. Surrealism “[depicts] unnerving, illogical scenes […] to allow the unconscious mind to express itself”, to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality into an absolute reality, a super-reality.” ↩︎

  2. Dada “[rejects] the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalist society, instead expressing nonsense, irrationality, and anti-bourgeois protest.” ↩︎

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