Grand Boulevard Hotel

I remembered the Grand Boulevard Hotel along Roxas Boulevard.

It was a cousin’s birthday, and her father wanted to celebrate in a hotel. Back then, as an 8-9 year-old, I thought it was an exciting venue to be in. Looking back at it now, I think it was a waste of money.

I remember still the building had a brutalist facade, although I didn’t know then what a brutalist design was, nor did I appreciate it. The building looked stiff enough in its greyness and roughness, and that was it.

I remember the swimming pool to be in the third floor.

At one point, one of the elevators stopped working. I vaguely remember that it was my cousin’s fault, her being unneccessarily playful with the buttons.

The time then spoke highly of Nokia mobile phones that had the game Snake 2 on them. What a time.

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