Now, as predicted

David Byrne told NME in 1979:

There will be chronic food shortages and gas shortages and people will live in hovels. Paradoxically, they’ll be surrounded by computers the size of wrist watches. Calculators will be cheap. It’ll be as easy to hook up your computer with a central television bank as it is to get the week’s groceries. I think we’ll be cushioned by amazing technological development and sitting on Salvation Army furniture. Everything else will be crumbling. Government surveillance becomes inevitable because there’s this dilemma when you have an increase in information storage. A lot of it is for your convenience - but as more information gets on file it’s bound to be misused.

On liminality

Considering my weird disposition to many aspects of life, I might be a liminal character in someone’s major story arc. I maintain the entropy by exerting the minimum effort possible in a given situation.

This has become more obvious recently, when my co-workers and I showed up at the office for the first time since the Pandemic started, and first time this year.

A lot in that space distracted me, but I managed to keep it cool for the entire day.

Anyway—at least once I’ve been called edgy. I denied this, of course. The accuser likely misunderstood the combination of my niche idealism politics and healthy dose of dark humor to be “edgy” in the most Gen Z sense.

I say this because, the totality of my beliefs, from what I know so far, is in the minority. This makes fitting to a space not easy, but always worth the (t/w)ry.

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