Updates from Near Future

On being calm

The ability to remain calm under intense pressure can be a superpower. In agitation, we tend to lose some of our mental faculties. Not so much when we remain calm.

But in an ever-changing world, in which we’re becoming more aware of the injustices done to us by different forces, directly or indirectly, we have to ask ourselves, “Can we remain calm despite all this?”

Have we considered that perhaps this ability comes with privilege?

On being a web developer

In an imaginary near future, I’d have decided to be a web developer for individuals and/or small entities. It would be my side hustle, minus the backbreaking demand of side hustles these days.

The caveat is that, I would only design websites with very low carbon footprint. This likely means most of them would be static websites, and/or would at least qualify to be under the 1MB Club.

This would be the services I’d offer:

One-time Setup
I would design and set up their website, after which I would hand them all the code, documentation, and licensing to it.
Coaching on Site Maintenance
I would walk them through basic site maintenance, for N number of sessions. Copy of documentation included.
Your Own Webmaster
I would be your own webmaster. I would be responsible in maintaining your site’s uptime. If you want to add new page/s, I’d set it up. Limited slots only.

I have never been a freelancer my whole life, so any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

On doodling

One of the benefits—among many ofc!—of work-from-home setup is I get to doodle during meetings that I don’t facilitate myself. I use the term doodle, because it’s how I’d describe random squiggly lines that are neither fractal nor meaningful in nature.

Doodling actually lets me focus on the discussions in boring meetings. Most meetings are boring, by the way, including those that I run.

Imagine doodling in face-to-face meetings.

Well, I won’t be imagining for long. We are required to come to office soon, so I’ll be able to test this one out in front of my colleagues.

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