Dogs Barking So Much

All around us, here in our current apartment, dogs bark and curb excessively.

While we expect them to bark, being dogs that they are, some of them, especially those in households adjacent to us, do it so much that we looked into it ourselves.

A quick search on Pets WebMD verified our observations.

Dogs in our immediate vicinity excessively bark because of:

We don’t claim to be dog whisperers. Pablo, our dog, sometimes can be just too much to handle. But at least we make a regular effort to walk him. Playing with him is effortless, as he shares the indoor spaces with us. As a bonus, he has Edgar to play with when we’re busy.

Dogs need to expend their energy; more so for the breeds that have so much of them. A tired dog is a quiet dog.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, please consider your own capacity to regularly engage with it, and/or adopt one that matches your energy and lifestyle. Doing so also saves your neighbors the headache.

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