Hip Understanding

Several years ago, it did baffle me how senior citizens feel when they feel excruciating pain on their hips.

“Does it really go that bad to require hip replacement operation?” my former foolishness asked.

Failing to imagine that might have you attributing it to a deadly combo of my youthful ignorance and ageism tendency at the time, but it really was beyond me to think how painful it is on a region that’s fairly safe to move around (according to me).

Fast forward to now.

The pain on my left hip and/or left pelvis (I really don’t know which, but in that zone) has been nagging me for weeks now.

I can’t pinpoint now when it exactly started, or how. Perhaps, it’s the result of long hours of sitting due to knowledge work, and improperly doing some yoga poses (?), both of which started between Q3 & Q4 2021.

According to me who has no professional medical expertise, has not sought professional medical care, and has not even researched on the topic yet, it’s not yet debilitating, and that’s why I can still tolerate it.

Now having experienced what I imagine is just a fraction of a fraction of the pain of what those people that need hip replacement feel, I’m slightly ever closer to understanding what life would become for me if I continue to neglect my body.

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