On Machine Consciousness

Manuel DeLanda, in War in the Age of Intelligent Machines (1991) believes that:

Humans didn’t really invent machines. A hurricane is a motor in the literal sense. When a hurricane is born, a lot of self-organizing processes are involved that bring the heat from the outside and concentrate it in a reservoir. It took centuries before humans discovered the motor, something that self-assembles spontaneously in nature. As soon as you let matter and energy in any form flow in a non-linear manner (that is, past a certain threshold of complexity) machines will tend to spontaneously self-assemble. The key word here is ‘non-linear’.

Unlike social constructivism which achieves openness by making the world depend on human interpretation, Deleuze achieves it by making the world into a creative, complexifying and problematizing cauldron of becoming. Because of their anthropocentrism constructivist philosophies remain prisoners of what Foucault called ‘the episteme of man,’ while Deleuze plunges ahead into a post-humanist future: In which the world has been enriched by a multiplicity of non-human agencies. And in contrast to other materialistic or realistic philosophies of the past. The key non-human agency in Deleuzian philosophy has nothing to do with the negative, with oppositions or contradictions but with pure, productive, positive difference. It is ultimately this positive difference, and its affirmation in thought, that insures the openness of the world

Honestly, that’s a lot to take in. Keeping it here so I can come back to it, in case I need to be grounded to… something.

On my heavy metal phase

The part 2 of the final season of Attach on Titan is now out on Netflix.

The hype is real, of course. It helps that the opening song is The Rumbling by SiM.

This made me think about how I feel about heavy metal as a music genre in general. I thought I was already past it, with growing up and old and all that. It turns out that while I was never fully immersed in it, part of me that is in it, never really left it.

I never understood the growling and screaming then. Now, if/when I like a heavy metal song, it’s one of the things I look forward to.

My brother taught me how to be a part-time metalhead.

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