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On Products and/or Services

The designer’s focus should be to implement a service or product with safe and sane defaults. This means that, whether or not the end-user would be bothered to change the configuration, their safety and sanity will not be compromised.

According to Dieter Rams, a good design:

  1. is innovative
  2. makes a product useful
  3. is aesthetic
  4. makes a product understandable
  5. is unobtrusive
  6. is honest
  7. is long-lasting
  8. is thorough down to the last detail
  9. is environmentally-friendly
  10. is as little design as possible

I’m not a good designer yet, but I’d like to think that at least for this Site, I’ve hit many of these points.

On Brutalism

Ever since I was interested in architecture, I’ve always thought that brutalism (and its adjacent disciplines) is a great design style. It encourages its practitioners to stay true to the materials.

Allowing the materials to give character to the space provides, in my opinion, warmth that can be hard to achieve through other means. Moreover, modifying the materials, of which you’re doing little, would require less resources.

Is it pragmatic? I’m not sure.

On One’s Own Appearance

Life is complex in all kinds of ways. Many people cope by changing how they present themselves, sometimes even permanently.

I think it’s a mix of luck and privilege be able to say, “I’m okay to live with what I have, in terms of physiology.” I’m far from being a perfect-looking person, but overall, I’m stable.

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