December Fog

What do we have to talk about during transitional periods except the transition itself?

December ending

Something about the Decemb-weather that scrambles the mind to a semi-useless state. Sometimes it’s hot and humid; sometimes it’s rainy; sometimes it’s windy. Often, it’s a combination of these. One can only hope that the human body can keep up with ever-changing weather.


It’s not brain fog. Not haze. It’s closer to cognitive dissonance. I don’t think I’m there yet, although I only say that because I’m not qualified to confirm nor deny.

If I did get to that state, I’d excuse myself for being so—don’t we all have an excuse to just be tired with all the things that are going on?

We can be conscious of what’s really happening around us, but takes constant allocation of mental resources, which, to be honest, is becoming harder and harder to find.

Our ability to act cannot be rooted on the self alone. To take all that information and process it outside of a safe space of closely knit community is detrimental to the human mind.

Full breaths in, full breaths out. It pays to not semi-forget that. Stay present whenever possible. The surface is always within reach and syncs with the body clock.

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