Crises and New Fear

No major updates for this site. I haven’t been doing anything lately for research. Of course, here, “research” is what I call it. Essentially, it’s me doing a deep dive into things that I’m currently interested in doing. I may have already said that somewhere here before.

I will be “looking for new opportunities” very soon. In the interim, I have to ask myself how best to use my time.

Oh, I have installed a Debian-based distro in my machine. The previous one, an Arch-based, acted up on a major update, and many things stopped working completely. So much for trusting “bleeding edge.” Good thing that most of the important things, including this blog’s files, are backed up safely somewhere.

It is our suffering that brings us together.

A line that I read somewhere. Which would ring true forevermore, except if nirvana is achieved. And will that come, even a lesser version of it? It’s hard to imagine to get lighter as we see the world as it is today, with all of its supposed leaders continuously disappointing the rest of us dispossessed.

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