Core Memories


Same old habits stir within when triggered by very specific stimuli. And so I had to look up for more. More Cartoon Network station IDs or promos or interstitials from the good old days of early 2000s. I still know the lines in some of them. Core memories have been unlocked by chance, but now, where to put them?

Ador’s Fan

Ador, my Thinkpad X225, never had any fan problems, even when I thought it had some.

I was testing the new motherboard (mobo), when I noticed that on boot, the fan would start spinning, and then stop just after a few seconds. I had never noticed this before, so I thought this was alarming, the fan being a regulator of the machine’s heat.

It turns out that this is normal. On boot, the system turns on the fan as part of the onboard tests, ensuring that it’s working, until the embedded controller (EC) turns it off after a short while. When the mobo hits a certain temperature (~60-65 degrees Celsius), the fan kicks on to do it’s job, i.e. exhaust the heat out and away from mobo.


My diligent, industrious peers and I could have been swimming in the cold waters of the year’s homestretch any day now, and yet we grind on, mostly choice-less, as we subsidize the holidays of some people we have never met with our hours.

In many parts of our life, we balance effectivity and efficiency. The two don’t always get along; it’s up to us—really—what to choose given the tasks at hand.

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