Frankenpad X225

Ador, my Thinkpad X220, got its motherboard (mobo) fried a little over two months ago.

In my research online, a Thinkpad X230 mobo could be a drop-in replacement. I only needed to modify some bits in the chassis, and the resulting “Frankenpad” should be better than X220.

I found this guide by a certain Jiri Panacek during my first round of research. But at the time of writing this, it returns a 403 Forbidden error.

Luckily, someone archived it in the Wayback Machine. You can visit the entirety of the guide here.

Below the line are sections copied from the guide for my case. This will be my reference when I finally fix Ador with the X230 mobo I ordered.

ThinkPad X230 is a generation update which shares many components with the previous X220 model. There are still some differences:




  1. Obtain X230 mobo.
  2. Replace thermal paste under CPU heatsink (optional but recommended).
  3. Take laptop apart and replace the motherboard. Video (Youtube) reference.
  4. Modify the keyboard.
  5. Put everything together.
  6. Flash the EC controller.
  7. Done!

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