Some people are so hung up on using proper semantics, not realizing that humans, of varying experiences and struggles, will naturally find more creative ways to express themselves, even if it means “misusing” words and phrases.

Some do it as a coping mechanism. Some do it for the lulz. Some do it to pave a path to creative enlightenment.

It makes me wonder how linguists are trying to keep up with the evolution of language in real observable time. If you are one, please, I’m interested in hearing from you.

However, that’s a fine line to walk on. People may, knowingly or otherwise, co-opt terms from experiences and struggles beyond their own to push their agenda. Apart from it being inappropriate to say the least, we can tell from afar that such narrative lacks authenticity.

Today’s proverb:

Look here, lackey: Liu Kang’s low kick to bloke’s prick is low-key Loki.

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