Wake me up when September rends

My main laptop (“Ador”) broke on me about a month ago now (as of writing this). Twice I ordered a replacement motherboard in Lazada, and twice the seller cancelled on me. They gave me no reasons.

I’m typing this on the old computer that I used last July. But this won’t get published until I figure out how to SSH into my server without my keys. A hard lesson, I guess, for me, and a reminder for you, to always have a back-up for everything. What you can, keep a copy of it somewhere, kids!

On the good side, I got to focus more on my newfound job. I career-shifted into it, so learning the new ways of working can be tricky, and requires my full attention. The thing is, even stripped down and minimal, I still find excuses to make Ador distract me. Mainly, it’s because of my RSS feed. I like reading blogs and op-eds and people’s technical perspectives on things that I find interesting. I call it Research when it adds value to me; mindless consumption when it doesn’t. Would you guess how many hours I had spent thoughtlessly perusing articles?

On the bad side, I’ve been using only Windows, and all of its heavily restricting apps. Office 365 almost requires the user to be perpetually be online. I’m losing my Vim- and Unix-game here, people, help me.

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