Creative Writing in a Second Language

Hello! Here are the recent changes:

Speaking and writing in English will always be a life-long learning experience, especially for non-native speakers like me. Some would agree that mastering a second language would eventually involve playing with words and intending puns.

Consider the following stream of consciousness from my drafts folder:

Multi-colored roofs in a neighborhood of dreams of varying contours and angles, and how they deflect light, would definitely have an impact on my body if I would approach one of them from above, as commanded by gravity.

I wrote this some two years ago. It beats around the bush, sure, because I was like that back then—a person full of uncertainties. Going through the motions felt like free-falling to my Being’s demise (not necessarily a physical death), but more boring.

I have another one, from the same draft:

One can’t pinpoint for sure the exact source of all the twisting, but if I had to think aloud, it might have come from the accumulation of dirt and crime, small though they may be.

I wasn’t exactly attempting to hide by a burning bush then, but these timestamped notes encrypted my emotions and, at the same time, purged me of my little demons.

That’s one minute, I’ll see you next time!

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