Thoughts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site (SNS). Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. It’s different, yes, in that it caters to the boring aspects of one’s professional life. I only say boring because the platform never really appealed to me.

As with any other SNS, LinkedIn’s in-house culture encourages its participants to exaggerate their—for the lack of better term—content. In an online space that aggregates different people from different failing economies, I’d argue that this act is crucial to one’s survival, if survival in this context meant getting better job with better wage and benefits exerting the least possible effort.

Of course, if you’re well off, overamplification of content may serve you a different purpose, although I will always doubt its authenticity.

All this talk, only to tell you that I’m no better. For a while, I did adopt the title of “Sustainable Technologist.” All things considered, this might well be legitimate, because:

However, the term sustainability gets greenwashed a lot. It doesn’t help that I used it in LinkedIn, the SNS where big companies who do such thing flock!

People inventing titles for themselves (like my “Sustainable Technologist” one) reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. When asked what his job was, people were confused. They hadn’t heard of “Consulting Detective.” Holmes admitted that he made it up, perhaps based on the nature of his work, and that he’s literally the only one with that title in the [fictional] world.

Right now, I’ll keep my account in the platform, because I find it somewhat useful for the edge cases that I still have in my online presence. But I long for the day that I won’t be needing it anymore.

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