Doing Errands on a Bike

Thanks to both the still-high COVID daily infections, and the looming new (in the country) delta variant, Metro Manila will, again, be under a lockdown in the coming days. Restocking the essentials becomes a non-negotiable task in the to-do list.

One of which is cycling “downtown” to get coffee beans. A kilogram of it will last about a month for two (sometimes three) people drinking caffeine daily, so I only bought that amount. We’re careful to overstock; coffee beans that don’t get used for a long time will degrade (citation kneaded).

The roundtrip is roughly 23 km of wildly varying elevation. Thanks to that errand, I have now X’d today’s workout quota.

In an attempt to prolong my life, I’ve been doing exercises since the pandemic started. That’s more than a year now. It’s nothing serious; just basic HIIT and calisthenics, if there’s even a difference between the two. I want to be consistent in my schedule, but willpower depletes fast, and I can only work with what I have. But something, I believe, is better than nothing.

When there’s an opportunity, I add cycling to my exercise. Actually, such opportunity presented itself earlier in the morning, hours before the downtown errand. Someone from a nearby village ordered two bags of tofu cat litter, from my partner’s little operation. I delivered the bags myself to the client.1 I consider it a win-win for all parties involved.

In another news, after some five months of unemployment, I have a new work now starting on Monday. Readers and visitors are reminded that any opinions here in this site are mine alone; they don’t belong to my employer, past, present, future. See Disclaimer.

  1. The gimmick is, if the client is from one of the four villages nearby, delivery, by me on a bike, is free, unless it’s way more than I can carry in a backpack. ↩︎

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