Break Into Chunks

I’m still far from completing the CS50x course.

I get now why it has a cult-like following: it explains the foundations of computer science well!

If I learned anything in school, it’s to read first the entire problem before approaching it. That’s why I like how in the problem sets, the write-up breaks down the problem into manageable sizes.

Back when I was self-teaching myself how to code, I kept on reading the importance of this step from more experienced programmers. It’s only now that I understand why. This way, I find that solving a subproblem—or reaching a milestone if you will—makes solving the entire thing more enjoyable.

I’m half-expecting that the “training wheels” shall come off later in the course. And that’s fine. Real world problems are often sophisticated, and require the problem solvers to be able to come up with possible ideas on their own. My experience so far tells me that CS50x lets me form good coding habits.

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