Twilight World

When we visited Isya’s Inay1 yesterday in Marikina, the lunch was already waiting for us. Beef pochero did us in, but only enough to go through another helping in the evening’s partaking. More enriching was their rice, imported from Abra up north of Luzon. I have to know what it’s called, so we can scout it from nearby rice suppliers.

We watched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet after lunch. Actually, Isya and I had already seen it a few days prior; we’re just rewatching this to hopefully answer some of our questions the movie’s convoluted plot. As you may know, Nolan’s films require more than just one viewing.

In fact, Isya and I are planning to watch another Nolan’s, Interstellar.

  1. Inay is their term of endearment for their paternal grandmother. ↩︎

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