Is It Flu Season Already?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert in medicine, anthropology, or in medical anthrpology. Please do your due diligence before (dis)agreeing with anything below.

I’m not qualified to say whether it’s already flu season. I do notice that some of the people in my circles are feeling under the weather. Given our current situation, coughing alone would raise some alarms; what more for having a fever? Any symptom that’s slightly related to influenza is not to be taken lightly.

However, then and now, pandemic and all, people’s self-medication rely heavily on modern pharmaceuticals. Where our first-world contemporaries would seek medical help on the earliest signs of flu (in the context of Covid pandemic), here in our country, we would just rest it out in our homes.

Healthcare is inaccessible for most of us, oppressing even. Private doctors are out of budget, and public health centers don’t function well. On the other hand, drugs are found to be available in sari-sari stores at relatively low price.

Yet, lack of knowledge leaves us choosing from a limited range of pharmaceuticals, even if there are so many brands in the market. Where does that get us?

If you’ve read the disclaimer above, then you know I have nothing to offer but my observations.

This is Day 5 of Old Computer Challenge.

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