Signs of Aging

Hello there,

Today’s update is, well, about how my life in general kicks me initially in the ass—butt first.

I’m participating in said challenge using the MSI Wind that I initially intended to be my server. Since this metal is i386 architecture, there are only a handful of systems that still support this that’s fit to run on modern age. For me, replacing Windows XP (!) with OpenBSD only makes sense.

Configuring this system so it’s useable for a whole week is important to me. That’s why I spent some time customizing it, from colors, key bindings, to the programs that can run on this machine.

Anyway, this got me thinking: it’s weird that when it comes to technology, especially those that have electronics in them, anything that’s older than five is already considered “old.”

The term implies experience, maybe signs of aging. The older a piece of technology is, the harder it is to maintain it to keep up with the demands of modern times. Replacement parts may either be out of production, hard to find due to scarcity, or are themselves already refurbished.

But refurbish and/or upcycle old tech we must, in my opinion, so long as resources would still allow it.

This is Day 1 of Old Computer Challenge.

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