Simplex Patch Cord

One of the cats, an archetypal himbo, managed to gnaw on the fiber optic cable of the ISP’s router. This resulted in losing both internet and phone connections. We’re all furious! This never happened in the already many months that he, the cat, has been here.

Perhaps lacking manpower, our ISP1 couldn’t immediately send any technician, despited repeated follow-ups from our end.

Isya and I then had a discussion about how this ISP (or any other ISPs for that matter) should improve their services. Start by giving better benefits and wages to their employees. Provide them with the needed tools of the trade on company’s expense, etc.

While angry customers shouldn’t berate field technicians and other customer-facing agents for poor service, ISP management should understand that throwing bureaucracy at customers only insults them. Corporate speak will never sound polite. In fact, I’d argue that poor customer service provided by any company is an inevitable result of late-stage capitalism.

Now, imagine: your income, in whatever form, heavily relies on digital telecommunications; and it all goes down because of some bored pet toying with a fragile cord. And some exhausted, possibly underpaid, personnel has to deal with that brewing vitriol and still be polite. What a time to be alive.

(For the record: none of us spewed vile shite to anyone. We’re nice people, people.)

So we’re offline for three days. I don’t see it as particularly deplorable; there are other things to do in the house, books to read, thoughts to think.

The title of this post is what the mangled cord is called. I don’t think I can repair it, if it even is repairable.

On this third (or is it fourth) day of having no internet presence, we decided to act instead of just wait. My sibling physically went to a nearby office of the ISP to see if she could find some quicker resolution there, bringing with her the cord as proof/reference. A personnel, perhaps noting how easily solvable her (our) problem was, produced a replacement cord for free! Now, we’re back online again.

Direct action does get the goods.

Epilogue: A few hours after that, a technician did arrive. I told him that we already solved the issue ourselves. He only had me signed a form (closing ticket?) before he went on his way. Our interaction did not last two minutes.

  1. It’s PLDT, btw. ↩︎

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