When I signed up for Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science last December, I whooshed past the first two videos in 1.5x speed. I don’t recommend doing this, unless you’re somehow forced to go through it against your will. From what I’ve experienced so far, the course work is fun and engaging.

According to the internet, it’s a good course to take, and it has changed lives. Right now, I may be in need of a life-changing event.

But the online course that I signed up for was put behind the scenes for several months. A few days ago, I decided to revisit it and make it more official by getting an official certificate from them, through edX.

Fortunately, edX is offering financial assistance that, when granted, would slash off 90% of the fee1 to get an official certificate.

I applied and got granted. A small victory worth celebrating over brewed coffee.

For good measure, I restarted the course yesterday.

I may or may not share here the course work that I do there.


I’ve always bloomed late in things that I’ve grown to like.

I started enjoying writing as a form of creative expression during the last few months of my high school.

Reading as a hobby, not as a school exercise, only came to me when I was already in college.

The interest in computer programming waltzed in during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown of 2020. I hope it’s not too late.

If we’re to discount boredom—although we shouldn’t, because it’s helpful when we least expect it—one reason for this particular interest is a need to be independent from the on-going centralization of Internet.

I think that by learning more about computer science and programming language/s can afford me the autonomy I seek. And perhaps I’ll help somebody along the way.

  1. At the time of writing. Might change in the future. ↩︎

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