Impostor Syndrome

I feel like a fraud for not having accomplished anything significant, but I need to constantly remind myself that in all the worlds that I’ve been in, it’s okay for anyone to choose taking it slow whenever they can here and now, in this 2020-version of the World. However, I hope to transcend this slump, of course, with the help of my loved ones.

Lethargy is only a useful excuse when “used” against the backdrop of the already oppressive systems in place. I know this, because this is the only thing I’m still getting good at, even before the Pandemic has “locked down” people in place.

By this I mean, I hope to contribute to the society at large by the microtansactions of… kindness? of goodness? that I’m still capable of manifesting, if that makes sense. Who knows, that could be an interesting research and development?

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