40-Kilometer Bike Route

In order to get to a small (less than ten pax) gathering, I challenged myself to arrive and depart there on two-wheels, fueled only by my will.

One way is around 20km. A round trip is maybe death sentence for an inexperienced rider like me.

Good thing: it’s a Sunday, and there are almost no cars on the road. Dashing past me were lanky bikers in much better form, great danes on roadies. My “long” distance starter pack: helmet, safety vest with reflectors, tail light, comfy clothes, one-liter water bottle, a bag full of other goodies, and maybe a 700kg mountain bike.

Bad thing: I knew it would rain; the sky wore parking lot colors on dusk. About one-third of the way back home, it started pouring heavily, and I was already worn out. In my exhaustion, I decided to bike through it. WRONG MOVE—my backpack was already full, it got heavier as everything got wet. It was a literal torture to breathe through my wet mask, which I had to pull slightly down just so I don’t collapse in the middle of the road.

Will I do it again? Yes. But I’ll be in much better shape for next time.

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