Refurbishing Some Old Laptops

In lieu of updating my Support page to include hardware, I’d like to repost here what I posted in a Freecycle forum. This post will mirror those I submitted in the forum, lightly edited and translated to English.

IBM Thinkpad T40

Looking for IBM Thinkpad T40, accessories, parts, power adapter. I actually have a T40 here, but when it was given to me, some parts are not working properly. I’m looking to refurbish it.

Specifically, I’m looking for these items/parts in good and working condition:

If I successfully refurbished the laptop, I will either donate it, or sell for a reasonable price.

Apple Power Adapter

I’m looking for a working Magsafe 1 L-type Power Adapter for old A1181 Macbook model. The Macbook itself needs refurbishing, but in order to do that, I need a reliable power adapter. If you have one lying around that’s working, I’m willing to discuss a method of transaction.

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