Tyler Durden's Empty Seat

To console myself amid the combined power of heat and boredom, I opened the book Fight Club and started reading the first few chapters.

This reminded me of Tyler Durden in the movie adaptation. Many of those wanting to get ripped almost always consider Brad Pitt’s physique during this time to be the ultimate goal.

But I bring this up not because of fitness.

In the film, when the narrator meets Tyler for the first time, it’s on a plane. They’re seat mates.

After watching it, I went back to this scene. I thought, “That’s not right. If they’re one and the same person, then that must mean that the seat beside the narrator isn’t actually occupied. And that’s not allowed in airplanes, right? To have empty seats?”

I got to this conclusion based on an incomplete information. Plus, at the time, I had never been in an plane to travel, domestically or internationally.

Much, much later, my first job allowed me to fly to different locations within the country. I noticed that sometimes, a flight didn’t get full. Once or twice, a flight didn’t even reach 50% capacity!

Knowing this now, I can say that it is possible to sit and talk beside an imagined version of the self in a commercial flight to nowhere!

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