Unlearning Inefficiency

Today’s short post is all about learning, or at least, my attempt at it.

I’d like to think I’ve been reading more these days. I know it’s important to keep up with the times, but at the same time, taking a break cannot be overlooked! Information unused can and will occupy unnecessary mental space, which is just too precious today to be misused.

On the other hand, I also think that I may not be reading the most useful bodies of text to me. Though that’s not saying that every input must be useful. We humans tend to ruin a lot of things, including ourselves, through the endless pursuit of optimization. Sometimes, it’s okay to be inefficient.

“Everything in moderation,” Oscar Wilde said, “including moderation.”

Learning new things creates new insights. Unlearning some old ones can also connect different ideas, as one unclogs the path from bad data.

Anyway, here’s a free idea: Wouldn’t it be great to buy and sit on the yellowcab.pizza domain?

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