Astral Gate

What are you looking forward to this year 2021?

It differs from person to person, no?

We here have been looking forward to the opening of two new LRT-2 stations, the nearest being Masinag Station.

According to DOTr:

[…] LRT2 East Extension project will begin to serve commuters on April 27, 2021.

We know better, though, than to blindly trust such press release. You see, the opening of said stations has been postponed for a few times now.

Almost every construction and project manager I know expect that a project never meets its target completion date. A slight slide in schedule is acceptable, but months of delay? Somebody has got to start explaining. For projects that affect the public, though, we know better than to expect Someone explaining the full report.

A lot of unforessen factors (e.g. a global pandemic) could suddenly come into play, effectively throwing a wrench into the gears.

COVID-19 is a great excuse for delayed projects, used by both well-meaning and malicious actors.

Having ranting all that, I’ll still try to extend my patience, waiting for public transportation projects to finish.

…and what of space transportation?

In Cowboy Bebop, the first Astral Gate is slated to be built in 2021, this year! Looking forward to this as well, although I expect that there will be delays in completion.

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