Two-kilometer Bike Errand

Cycling around may well be the most efficient way to get around without resorting to fossil fuels. An able-bodied person will certainly benefit from knowing how to ride a bike.

And as the Pandemic continues to do harm, cycling, as compared to simply walking, reduces the time spent outdoors, while still having some semblance of physical exercise, unlike driving in a car.

So, an errand comes up: one of our cats need a special food that’s likely available only in a mall about two kilometers away. We veer away from public transpo right now, so on to the bike!

Seasoned cyclists would claim that a two-kilometer run is easy, and I would likely agree. But I’m not a seasoned cyclist yet. And did I mention that we live in hill/mountain?

Due to ECQ, there are few cars in the road, which can only be a good thing.

Going back home is a slow-burn of two-kilometer ascent. The weight of the mountain bike (made of granite, by the way) plus the cat food only added to the burden. And while it wasn’t the scorching midday sun that we have had the displeasure of weathering the past few days, 30-something degrees Celsius while cycling uphill with load wasn’t exactly leisurely either.

Despite all of that, I wrote this after taking a bath:

Tired, but reinvigorated w/ my bike errand.

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