I was certain I had several dreams the night before. During those fleeting moments of half-asleep in the middle of the night, I said to myself that I must remember these dreams in the morning so I could write them down. When morning came, I remembered nothing of them. Only the feeling that there were some things there.

Dreams can be nostalgic, in my opinion. In my experience, mine have been an amalgam of many experiences, or at least the gist of each. Mostly, they are just flash fiction typewritten on a fragile old parchment that promptly begins to disintegrate the moment you decide you should store them.

I am spending—or did spend, as I’m writing this in the evening—my birthday under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), this administration’s euphimism for lockdown.


You see, I also spent my birthday last year under ECQ.

Ano ang handa?


AM Food: peanut butter and goober in pandesal, coffee, mixed nuts
PM Food: spaghetti, cheesy frankfurter, lemon water, mixed nuts, Kettle Brew


AM Food: chai masala, corn muffin
PM Food: rice, sinigang na salmon, coffee, honey-glazed doughnut, super dry beer

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