Qualitative Research

How else do you spend an afternoon other than answering questions from the internet? Not all questions from that questionnaire made here. I picked the ones that I may have an interesting answer to.

  1. Do you take flyers when people in public places offer them in your direction? If yes, what do you do with them afterwards?
    Only when they shove it to me, in which case I dispose the flyer immediately.

  2. What is your first memory of using the Internet?
    A grade-school classmate invited me to check out some online games in Cartoon Network’s website. The game involved the then-popular Teen Titans. I was amazed at how easy it was to “access the internet.”

  3. What is the last thing you think you failed at?
    I failed to consider the difficulty of getting into hobby electronics. Having said that, I’m still unsuccessful in repairing a broken Apple Magsafe 1.

  4. Isn’t there something else you should be doing right now?
    I think it’s called “looking for a job” but today is Saturday. The headhunters are resting.

  5. If this questionnaire were to have a title, what should it be?
    Qualitative Research—but only because I find it to be an ironic reflection of this task.

  6. What was the last thing you read that ruined you?
    Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It ruined me in both good and bad way. One of my favorite dystopians that, in my opinion, not only is chilling but is also depressing. I also watched the movie, which is a good adaptation, in my opinion, of the novel.

  7. Who or what comes into your mind when you hear the name Agnes?
    “Agnes” could be a motherly character from a prime time telenovela played by Agot Isidro.

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