Productivity Conflicts

The past few weeks, my to-do list has hounded me to clean and repaste Ador1. This should be done maybe twice a year to maintain the operating temperature within the motherboard.

PastMe scheduled this task for Feb 2021, but I kept postponing it, until today. Ador’s fan had been in overdrive the last few days. Add to that the unusual heat coming off from its left side.

Now, after the task, it’s back to normal levels; Ador has been quiet since.

I’m investigating why something in my to-do list is able to “hound” me.

I think it stems from the social pressure that I, a participant of my environment, must produce something of value, to give something back. It directly conflicts with my desire to do nothing. Or rather, be able to just sit and think, and still be worry-free.

Unemployment, in my case, opens new ways to be productive, I should remind myself that. It allows me to look into projects that I might not have if I was working. This, however, is predicated by the fact that I have some sort of emergency fund saved up. This fund buys me time to be worry-free. If my calculations remain correct for the foreseeable future, I have between 8-12 months worth of living expenses to burn through.


Van Neistat started his own YouTube channel.

  1. The name of my Thinkpad X220 that I bought secondhand a little over a year ago. ↩︎

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