Decadent Lethargy

I know it’s getting harder to focus one thing at a time in this Age of Information. I know, because I suffer from the same problem day in and day out. Not much to it, really. I use the term “suffer” but it feels more like decadent lethargy. If you can do the same thing with less effort, do it! I often tell myself.

In the same vein, could being lazy, and possibly helping others settle into their own brand of Laziness, be a career path? Of course, it has to be rebranded, like: Help people get the most useful {info, thing, experience, XYZ} in the shortest time possible.

I keep on reading and hearing about this Pomodoro technique for years now. Perhaps, it’s a viable solution to my waning and waxing attention span.

Hyperconnectivity allows us to access different people, different stuff from different points most of the time, and yet it can’t necessarily nourish us. Is it more likely that it instead drains us?

It is March now. Heat starts to become unbearable. We’ve been meaning to have an aircon unit in our room, and today it is now installed.

Who would have thought that we’re nearing the anniversary of a lockdown? To commemorate this wonderful event, we’ve downloaded Katamari Damacy on Isya’s old/new laptop. I’m thinking of completing the game 100%.

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