And now, for something completely different

I figured I needed to have an online presence again, one that I can call my own, far from the algorithms of major social networking sites. But aside from that, the idea to have a personal site started when Isya, my partner, suggested that I continue with my post-graduate studies.

The problem, I said, is that I no longer think it’s something worth pursuing anymore. I don’t think I can stomach the academia life, not that it’s glamorous to begin with anyway. Besides, life is more interesting in fields beyond engineering, my background.

Instead, I played with the notion of publishing my personal projects (they’re not many) online for everyone to study, scrutinize, make better, etc. Let’s see if this method is any better than formally enrolling in a university.

Also, today’s is Bonifacio’s day. Not only that, it’s my Tita Bonnie’s 61st birthday. Ano kaya ang handa nila?

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