Pressing Issues on a Valentine's Day

A day like any other. An okay day so far for a cat named Ming to look for love (or escape from hate) beyond the walls. A perfect time to be hounded by pressing questions like:

What is the realistic thing to do to not go hungry and be kicked out in the streets?

The modern answer: Get a job. I prefer “At least be useful to people,” but to be honest, consistently doing that takes effort and leads to burnout.

Not at all a bad day, in my opinion.

Make a non-exhaustive list of what a bad day looks likes. I like making lists. Creating lists has a calming effect. Anyway, specify a number of items in the list, that when met, will constitute a bad day.

Today is also a great day to go against the grain, to have the guts to think independently of what’s uso. Some might suspect its edginess, but as long as hate isn’t promoted, it’s fine.

Choose a simple set of tunes to spaghettify to en plein air, even if it’s unnecessary.

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