Visiting Pagkakaisa

After more than a year of not making an appearance in our ancestral house in Pagkakaisa Street, Isya and I finally went there yesterday.

To be honest, I was not too excited on going there for a number of things. First, commuting via public transportation from Antipolo to Makati, even on a Sunday, is not easy. Our travel time lasted around two hours, one way.

And lastly, people there, my relatives, are heavy chain-smokers. Perhaps, the next time that we’ll be there, we should wear (gas) masks indoors. The smokescreen from their constantly burning cigarettes was so thick I could not see past an arm’s length. I wish I was exagerrating. Let’s not even go to how long that toxic fume sticks on your person. Hours!

But there we went, with or without incentives, because it’s been more than a year since I saw them. We have more catching up to do.

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