Esmeris Farm

foliage, forest

Imagine being surrounded by this

I’d like to think that I was present the entire trip from Rizal to Laguna and back, that’s why I only manage to take a few photos. In reality, the trip exhausted me and my companions.

It’s literally a needed trip. Each of us had expected something out of this, but it’s unclear whether we’re all okay with the outcomes.

Sentimental music in city pop always puts me in place, especially when the setting blows cold, wet winds our way.

The Future will be chilling long after it has burned. Every notion will have become useless by then, but it the meantime, any idea is worth arguing for so long as it makes perfect sense to us.

Music that reminds me of this time

Artist: Tatsuro Yamashita 山下達郎
Album: Pocket Music (1986)
The aforementioned city pop.

Artist: The Drums
Album: Portamento (2011)
The music on our drive homebound.

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