Lola Mila's 87th

Adage of the Week: Your tools will not save you.

More thoughts on LinkedIn

This short section is an addendum to the previous post on the same subject.

When can I permanently log out of LinkedIn? It’s one of those social media sites that I begrudgingly hold on to, because it was literally my proof of existence when the Immigration did a background check on me last time we went to Taiwan.

I actually know the answer: when I no longer need to work.

Visiting Pagkakaisa, 2022

Lola Mila’s grand party in Carmona Court had to be postponed, not only because there’s still a COVID pandemic going on, nor is it because of the growring concern over monkeypox. No, it’s because Lola caught, for the fourth time, amoebiasis, which is said to be common among the elders. People advised her to rest it out, and she couldn’t agree more.

Her celebration had to be simplified, albeit done more, that is, folks celebrated her birthday over three different days.

I went on the third day, a Sunday, a perfect day for cycling, when motorists with ill intent are not on the road.

We had a small gathering, consisting of three chainsmokers, one of whom is the celebrant herself. It can be a dizzying experience for an ex-smoker like me, but isn’t life a long list of compromises?

My round trip totaled ~22 kilometers, a good exercise riding fixed.

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